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"In the years I had taken lessons with Allan Young, I learned a wide range of skills any musician needs to further their musical journey. I learned the technical aspects of classical, jazz, and rock guitar tradition. Learning across all genres allowed for a well rounded musical training that launched my professional career in music.

In addition to learning mastery of the instrument, I also learned the social aspects of playing music with others and playing music live.

Along with the wealth of information in lessons, the sessions are fun, dynamic, and allow for the student to learn material they personally want to play.

Allan consistently went above and beyond, making sure I thrived and grew as a musician. The diverse musical experience that learning with Allan provides is invaluable and a ton of fun!"

                                                                                                                          Madeleine West


"I’m in a band called Badview. A couple years ago we released two EPs that were followed up with our first album titled “Stories Through Scars”. In every project we do, we collect a group of names under a “thank you” tab and the first on the list will forever and always be dedicated to Mr. Allan Young.


Mr. Young is a man of sheer will, commitment and idealized perfection when it comes to his craft. Thousands of hours of practice made this diamond, and I am one of many who are more than grateful to experience the path that Allan has walked me through. Every step of the way exploring many fluent genres like reading, writing, developing, producing and performing. Whether it comes to genre mixing, improv solo work or leading a quartet, Allan has taught me to do all of the above, instilling the confidence to do so with flying colors.


I'm so grateful to have met Allan because he is one of the most passionate individuals to meet, literally pulling the dream out of you to make a reality. I treasure my experience with Mr. Young because I know that If you want to play music just pick up an instrument and play. But if you desire the ability to play with your soul, go to Allan Young."

Trent Onsted


"Allan is a phenomenal teacher who provides an all-encompassing music education. I took lessons with him for many years starting in middle school up until I graduated high school.


I cannot express how valuable the information I learned from him is. His knowledge of music theory and musicianship are second to none. He provides crucial skills to mastering one’s instrument as well as lead me to having an understanding of the environment of a live music setting with regard to proper etiquette as both an audience member and performer.


Allan pushes you as a musician to learn and become the best version of yourself; he will cater to your taste in music while also picking out non-related pieces that build fundamental skills that can be applied to a variety of playing styles and genres."

                                                                                                               Veronica Schmidt


"If you're looking to learn an instrument, Allan Young is your guy. I've never seen anyone so talented at what they do who can also translate that talent into teaching it to others effectively. I took bass lessons from him for a few years, and could not be more satisfied with the results: he has a way of guiding you through learning while still leaving ample room for you to develop as an artist and musician. He's also extremely personable; the lessons flew by and never felt like a chore as they do with some music teachers.


Beyond the individual lessons, I've also done group camps with Allan, and they are always great. He knows how to squeeze the most out of a group and can turn a group of strangers into a unit in the span of a week.


Allan knows his students well, and is very good at placing people together to form great bands, whether you're looking to start or join one. I was in a band put together by Allan for almost 3 years, and probably would have stuck with it much longer if not for college separating us. He has a great method of managing the band until it can survive on its own, and then taking a step back and letting it thrive - all while continuing to send opportunities their way.


I can not recommend working with Allan more!"

Kyle Davis

Here's more 0f what other's have said...

"Allan and I taught  lessons  at the same store for over 10 years and worked together and privately with students doing various projects there as well as playing in the teacher’s band  on several occasions. Few teachers possess the talent, dedication and passion that Allan Young has. Not only is he a gifted guitarist  and performer and multi-instrumental instructor,  he has spent tireless hours for many years leading students in jam bands, music camps, recitals and public performances , always inspiring their musical progression.His love of music is contagious and quite frankly everything he does is performed with patience, foresight and integrity. And did I mention...?..he is also a really nice guy!!!"

Kris Macuch

"Allan will astound you with his endless ability and talent to play all genres of music. He enjoys and can play just about any genre you would like to learn. I started out seeking basic acoustic guitar lessons from him, then switched to classical guitar. He taught me how to read music and within several months I could read classical guitar and play many songs at an intermediate level. Allan will impress you and help you meet your music goals!"

Nichole Batluck

"I have been taking guitar lessons with Allan for almost two years now, and he has been wonderful! I had been playing for over ten years prior to our lessons, minoring in music in college, playing/writing music with friends and taking private lessons, and I genuinely consider these lessons today to be equally as effective and important to my development as a musician (and a person) as anything else I have done in the past. Every instructor has their own unique style and specialities, and Allan’s combination of knowledge, experience and patience has made for a seamless transition and progression of learning for me and my own personal interests in high level music theory, its application in composition and improvisation, and the technical execution needed to pull everything off."

Chris Perretta

"Allan is a phenomenal musician and instructor. His love and appreciation for all styles of music carries over into his teachings. Since the beginning (when I was 13 years old) Allan has always balanced the lesson time between the  technical/music theory side of guitar and the songs you as an individual. As an adolescent this allowed me to learn the basic building blocks that are essential to musical development and still do what most of us get into guitar for.. BE ABLE TO ROCK!


I have done in-person and virtual lessons with Allan. I have joined him on a gig with his band to learn how they approach setting up and mixing their live sound. I have come to Allan with questions about songwriting, music production and guitar maintenance. Allan always has an informative answer that is rooted in years of experience. 


 I highly recommend Allan to those who are new to music or are continuing their education!!"

Bryan Wolf

When I was 15, I joined the Rock U summer camp and had an immediate connection with Allan. He helped me get out of my shell by encouraging me to sing more and helped place me a band. For that, I am forever grateful because it helped me with my stage fright, boosted my confidence and gave me some of my happiest memories.


Recently, I have started online guitar lessons with Allan and I have improved my guitar skills in ways I would have not been able to do by myself. I’m a beginning player, and he has helped me learn how to read music and play songs within a month. He always keeps me motivated to keep playing even when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 



Kevia Harper

Allan is a great teacher, very understanding and is a genuinely good person. It's amazing to hear my son play. Well worth the cost of lessons for the many years. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Elise Miller Hooks


I've taken both bass and guitar lessons with Allan over many years. He made learning the guitar and bass very fun! Allan is extremely nice and genuinely cares about both what he is teaching and the students themselves."

Mark Hooks

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